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“We stayed at the Reed Family Cabin over Labor Day weekend and everything was beyond our expectations. Don’t be fooled by wildfire reports – Greer is as green and beautiful as it ever was. The cabin itself was cozy and in great condition. The food from Molly Butler’s is the best in the White Mountains; if you’re from here, you know that. Overall, Greer is the best kept secret of Arizona and the perfect weekend get-a-way. Going through Molly Butler’s is the only way to get the full experience.”

– Derek Luptak

“Yeah, hate to gush, but it was great!  I can’t recall the name of the cabin nor the names of everybody associated with Molly’s who made our stay so pleasant, but a nicer stay in a nicer place I could not imagine — okay, it might have been a little better with dancing girls, free custom shop ’54 reissue Les Pauls, perhaps a visitation by the man himself — but, other than that, it could not have been better. 🙂 ”

– Gregg Myers

“When I need an escape or just want to get away I go to Greer and stay at the Johnson River Retreat cabin. I have shared with my family and friends that going to Greer is going to a little piece of heaven. The scenery is breathtaking, the drive from Phoenix beautiful, and the folks there warm and friendly.

I grew up on a small island in WA state and going to Greer and Molly Butler Lodge reminds me …of going “home”. I go as often as I can and will continue to go every year. If you have not booked a cabin or visited this beautiful town you are truly missing out! The food at Molly Butler and the staff are like nothing you will find in a big city. All of the cabins are stocked and waiting for your arrival. Go, relax, enjoy the cool air and be spoiled not only by the scenery but by the town, the folks, and the joy you will have in being there. Molly Butler’s also has great entertainment so make sure you check that out!”

– Tammie Stockley

“Just wanted to say that me and my wife Amy enjoyed are stay at the Branding Iron Cabin while I was there to perform at the Greer Fire Benefit.  Also would like to thank Molly Butler Lodge for treating us like family…such a great town..So to Molly Butler Lodge and Staff, Thank you so much and can’t wait to come back!”

– Darin Mahoney

“We were invited up to Greer for the first time this summer. We wanted to bring our dog along for the trip, so we asked for a pet friendly cabin. Not having been to Molly Butler’s and Greer before, we weren’t sure what to expect, especially with a “pet friendly” cabin. Upon our arrival, we were pleasantly surprised at the size and condition of the cabin. We had a wonderful stay and our dog enjoyed every minute. The yard was gated, so we could let her roam free on the huge lot. She didn’t want to go home! Molly Butler’s Lodge and Cabins is the place to go to beat the summer heat of Phoenix!”

– Sherry Finzer

“I was recently a guest at the Johnson River Retreat cabin in Greer. This spacious facility is breathtaking. Each room is filled with natural wood furniture, interesting artifacts, adding to the rustic feel from just being in the picturesque town. It was so relaxing to sit on the deck and listen to the babble of the Little Colorado River flowing through the back section of the property. There were chipmunks to entertain us with their antics, birds to serenade us with their songs, and deer to take our breath away with their beauty. Everywhere we went, the townsfolk were friendly and helpful. It is definitely the place to be when you need a little time to unwind.”

– Karen Hamme Scales

“I just got back from a WINTER WONDERLAND family vacation. We went to Greer Arizona. This is a small village about 4 hours northeast of Phoenix. The stars were awe inspiring… beautiful, radiant and more than I’ve seen in all my life. It was like being a kid all over again learning about space for the first time.

The snow was waist deep. It even had a blue glow about it, none that I have seen before. Making a snow man was fun for the kids and adult. Just a few miles out of town we found a nice sled hill.  Blast.  This vacation has everything. I gotta go again for the skiing and maybe some summer fishing.  We stayed in one of Molly Butler’s cabins. I strongly recommend Molly Butlers Cabins for any winter or summer vacation!”

– Ronald Miranda