Mountain Biking, Quad Riding & Snowmobiling

Mountain Biking, Quad Riding & Snowmobiling 2017-01-04T20:22:03+00:00

Mountain Biking, Quad Riding and Snowmobiling in GreerMountains aren’t just for hiking and horseback riding.  You can enjoy hours of mountain biking and adventures on quads and snow mobiles on Greer’s endless trails too.  With a wide variety of terrain – from cinder to hard pack dirt and rugged rock faces– it’s easy for you to make an exhilarating day of it on the trails.

Beautiful scenery, big blue skies, and crisp mountain air infused with the tangy scent of Ponderosa pine serve as the backdrop for your two or four-wheeled excursions.  If you crave altitude, Sunrise Ski Park offers some slightly more “extreme” summer mountain biking opportunities.  But at 11,000 feet you’ll need to keep your eyes on the trail and your hands on the handlebars as you whisk down the sheer mountainside course.  Mountain biking down the summit at Sunrise Ski Park is a thrill you won’t want to miss!

Whether you prefer a leisurely afternoon cruising through the woods or zooming down the mountainside at breakneck speed, this is the place for you to hit the trails.