Hiking & Horseback Riding in the White Mountains

Hiking & Horseback Riding in the White Mountains 2017-01-04T20:22:03+00:00

Did you know that northern Arizona is home to the
largest Ponderosa Pine Forest in North America?


Hiking and Horseback MollyButler LodgeThe great outdoors doesn’t get any better than this!  Without a doubt, Greer AZ and the surrounding White Mountains embody some of Arizona’s most pristine and versatile recreational wilderness with mountain vistas, meandering canyons, crystal clear streams, placid lakes, rolling green meadows and lush forest terrain.

Nestled away a midst the millions of acres that comprise the Apache-Seagraves National Forest, Greer and the surrounding area offers some of the best hiking in the western United States.  In fact, the locally beloved Mount Baldy was considered sacred by the indigenous Hopi people, and hikers will be thrilled to discover the numerous trails carved over centuries by native pilgrims seeking favor with their mountain gods who dwelled high on its peak.

Today’s extensive trail system, maintained rigorously by the National Forest Service, offers miles of scenic and documented terrain.  Badger Creek, Government Springs, Benny Creek, East Fork Trail, and Mount Baldy are just a few of the hikes awaiting you at your front door in Greer.  And from casual hikes to more challenging trails there is something for the hiker in everyone.

As always, the team at Greer Cabin Keepers is here to provide trail maps (at Check-in) or make recommendations if needed.

And after a long day on the trail, we invite you to kick back in one of GCK’s private woodland cabins or join us at the Lodge for a hot home-cooked meal, music and good times with friends and locals.


Horseback Riding…

Horseback Riding Trails White Mountains

There’s no better way to experience the spirit of the Old West or Arizona’s White Mountains than on horseback.  And with Kym Johnson as your guide you will discover the rolling Ponderosa forests and explore South Fork Canyon the way the pioneers did as you ride along the Little Colorado River.  Rides depart from the X Diamond Ranch– where you’ll also discover an intriguing bit of White Mountain and ranching history at the museum onsite.

As a fourth generation rancher in these parts, Kym is an accomplished rider and knows these White Mountains, and the stories they hold, like the back of her hand.  Spend an entire day on horseback or a short afternoon roaming the hills, forests and canyons.  All levels of riders are encouraged and welcomed, and if you own a horse, you can arrange to rent a stall at the X Diamond Ranch for the duration of your trip.

For reservations please call X Diamond Ranch (14 miles from Main Greer) at 928-333-2286.