About Greer, Arizona

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About Greer ArizonaGreer is often called a little slice of heaven– a paradise.  Located just four hours northeast of Phoenix, Greer is a green valley situated on the Little Colorado River in the heart of the White Mountains.  The average temperature here in the summer is a perfect 80 degrees.

Thus, many folks who visit Greer come in the summer to escape the triple digit temperatures in Phoenix and Tucson.  They stay in GCK’s cabins and in addition to the award-winning dining, they enjoy all of the many outdoor recreational opportunities there are to be had in this charming little woodland village: horseback riding, fishing, hiking, biking, star-gazing and much more!   In fact, Greer is also a winter playground 12 miles from some of the best ski slopes in Arizona.

Greer is not only quaint; it’s also historic and boasts pioneer/ranching museums, the oldest lodge in Arizona, gift and antique shops and coffee shops.

Looking for “a place to call home” in Greer? Greer Cabin Keepers offers the perfect combination of mouthwatering dining, friendly service, and an authentic, relaxed woodland cabin experience.  And– there are no cookie-cutter cabins offered here.  Each of the private Greer cabin rentals we offer has its own unique character!

Find your favorite cabin and make it your White Mountain getaway spot for years to come.  Enjoy a romantic weekend away, or get the family out of the heat in the Summer.  But don’t forget– come December Greer is a Winter Wonderland with plenty of snow for sledding, building snowmen, or skiing.  In fact we’re only minutes from Sunrise Ski Park!