John & Shonda: An Enchanting Engagement Story!

John & Shonda: An Enchanting Engagement Story!


The Wishing Well at Johnson River Retreat

The Wishing Well at Johnson River Retreat

Greer holds such a special place in the hearts of so many people!  We at Molly’s are blessed to witness many couples celebrate their Arizona wedding here, and then return to vacation in Greer year after year as their families grow.  One such couple, John & Shonda, recently shared their engagement story with us, and we are honored to share it with you.  Congratulations to you both– we couldn’t be happier for you!!!

Shonda had been coming to Greer for years, and absolutely loves it here.  In fact, she would love to live in Greer someday.  When John and Shonda started dating three years ago, John noticed that she had a picture of a cabin taped to her office window.  While Shonda knew the cabin was in Greer, she had never been there.  Dreaming of one day going there helped motivate her at work.

As their three year anniversary approached, John knew he was ready to ask Shonda to be his wife, and wanted to do something extra special to pop the question!  After a little online research, he learned the picture of the cabin taped to Shonda’s office window was Johnson River Retreat, a vacation rental cabin in Greer, AZ.  John called Molly’s and booked it for the weekend– his plan was all coming together!

John didn’t tell Shonda where they were going until the day before they came up.  He’d been dropping hints all week, and as his final clue, he led her to the picture in her office.  Shonda was so excited she started to cry!

When they arrived at Johnson River Retreat, they took a quick tour of the property together and were fascinated with the quaint wishing well behind the cabin.  While Shonda got dressed for dinner, John went back out to the well and hid the engagement ring in the bucket (no worries, it’s a dry well).   

After dinner, John suggested that they go back out to the well to make a wish.  They each made a wish and tossed a quarter into the well.  Wondering aloud if her quarter had landed in the bucket, Shonda began to look into the well.  John stopped her, telling her it was bad luck.  Then he looked down into the well and said, “What the heck?  What is that?”  While she looked on curiously, John reeled the bucket up and pulled out the box.  John then dropped to one knee, flipped open the box to reveal the ring, and said, “My wish came true the day I met you.  But now I have another one… Will you marry me?”

Shonda gasped as she covered her face with her hands, her gaze shifting between the ring and his face.  She said she was going to pass out, but John told her she couldn’t… not until she answered his question.  She then threw her arms around him and exclaimed, “YES!!!  YES!!!  OF COURSE I’LL MARRY YOU!!!”

He slid the ring onto her finger and they enjoy the remainder of their weekend in their beautiful cabin rental in Greer AZ.

We certainly hope to see them back up here at Molly Butler Lodge for their wedding!  What better place to have an Arizona wedding than Greer?

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